Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 1
Volume 40


Development of a Teaching Tool which Assists Students with Driving Nails Perpendicularly: A Simple Nail Position Measuring Device that Uses Hole Sensors
Toshikazu YAMAMOTO, Ryoya MAKINO

Previous studies on nail driving in the wood working area focused on such things as skill development, and evaluation. The angle of the nail inside of the material can not be seen from the outside. In this study we developed a teaching tool that allowed us to graphically display the angle of the nail inside the material even if the tip of the nail did not protrude from the opposite face of the wood. With regard to measuring, the principle behind this teaching tool is that a permanent magnet is attached to the head of a nail after it has been driven and the magnetic forces which emanate from the pointed tip of the nail are registered by the hole sensors. Using this data, a simulation of the pointed end of the nail embedded in the wood is shown on the display. The difference in outcomes between lessons taught with this tool and lessons taught without this tool were compared. The results indicated that this teaching tool increased students' ability to drive nails perpendicularly.

Key words : nail driving, wood working, hole sensor, teaching tool, Industrial Arts and Home Making Courses