Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 40


Gentarou Tanahashi and Craft Education: Tanahashi's Contribution to Craft Education
Yoshihiko KOIDE, Fumihiko ISHIDA

We reviewed Gentarou Tanahashi's life works; his research and educational activities, and the status of craft education from 1886 to 1907. We also assessed his contribution to craft education. In the restoration period of craft education, from 1902 to 1916, Gentarou Tanahashi took part in craft education primarily through his writing activity. He first wrote about craft courses in the Shougaku kaku ka kyouju hou zen' [A Compilation of Teaching Methods for Each Elementary School Subject] which was published in 1902. He identified the positioned of craft course in the elementary school curriculum and outlined a tentative plan for the content that should be taught. In 1905, he coauthored Shukou ka kyouju sho' [Teaching Craft Education] with Hidekichi Okayama. This text discussed the history of craft education in Europe, American and Japan, teaching methods for craft courses, and its educational value and objectives. When he returned after studying abroad in 1909, he introduced European and American craft education. He published books and articles which pointed out the problems with Japanese craft education. He worked as a lecturer in the All Japan Elementary School Teachers' Seminars for Craft Courses held by the Ministry of Education between 1915 and 1916. During his life, he published 4 books and 18 articles about craft education, he developed a theory of craft education, he enlightened others about craft education, and contributed to the restoration of craft courses.

Key words : restoration period of craft education, books and articles about craft education, Shukou ka kyouju sho, theory of craft education