Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 40


Development of a Multi Port I/O Interface Using a Printer-Port and a RS-232C
Masato MORI, Yutaka SHIDA, Nobuyasu SATO

We developed an I/O interface for personal computers and used it as a teaching material when teaching about computer control techniques. By combining a printer port (which is usually installed in a personal computer) with an RS-232C, we were able to produce an interface that has multiple 8 bit I/O ports. We also developed a high speed program for driving the interface which is capable of dealing with a multi-variable control system and rapidly varying signals. We expanded the interface to five ports and created a simple four channel oscilloscope using the personal computer. By doing so we confirmed the effectiveness of this multi-port, high-speed I/O interface.

Key words : interface, printer port, RS-232C, Centronics Interface