Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 40


Development of a Scale that Measures Students' Emotional Awareness When Making Products in a Middle School Technology Education Class
Tetsumi UNO, Masashi MATSUURA, Shigeki ANDOU

In our opinion, classes that involve students in making products require the assistance of the teacher, and are structured around general knowledge of technology and production techniques. In classes such as these, we think it is not only important to develop the students' knowledge and skills but also their emotional awareness. For this study we developed an instrument that measures students' emotional awareness related to making products in technology education classes. We used a questionnaire and analyzed the students' emotional awareness when making products. Using factor analysis we learned that there are three factors. The first factor was a sense of accomplishment. The second factor was preconception about this kind of learning experience. The third factor was basic behavior.

Key words : technology education, emotional awareness, factor analysis