Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 40


Morphology of Brittle Fractures in Cemented Carbide Tools as Determined through Simulation Tests of Intermittent Cutting
Takao YAKOU, Fumiko SUMIDA

To clarify the relationship between brittle fractures in cemented carbide tools and the build up of material on the tool (adhesions) when tools are intermittently used, cyclic impact tests were performed. In these tests, cemented carbide tools K10 and structural carbon steels S25C were used. The location of the brittle fracture was not determined for low life expectancy tools, but in higher life expectancy the fractures propagated around the adhesions. In addition, it was found that the adhesions were deposits of steel which was transported from the material being cut. We also observed three patterns of fractures in the tools.

Key words : Interrupted Cutting, Impact Test, Brittle Fracture, Tool Life, Surface Adhesion