Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 3
Volume 40


Instruction in Logic Circuits Using Computer Aided Instruction Software
Takashi SHIZUKUISHI, Masahiro KARIHARA, Yutaka SHIDA, Nobuyasu SATO

A lesson on the digital circuit, situated in the Electricity Area of junior high school technology and homemaking classes was conducted using Computer Aided Instruction(CAI)software. This included practice designing and constructing a circuit through the use of a digital circuit simulator. A seven segment LED display circuit that was familiar to students and which consisted of many kinds of logic circuits was selected to be studied. An investigation was conducted and the results were analyzed to determine what the effects of using this software were on the students' cognitive and emotional domains. The findings are presented in this paper. These results as well as an analysis of the students' learning histories provided insight into instructional problems related to the use of this software.

Key words : teaching material development, CAI courseware, logic circuit, electricity and electronic circuit, circuit simulator