Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 3
Volume 40


Development of Teaching Tool Related to the Generation of Electricity from Solar Energy
Toshikazu YAMAMOTO, Ryoya MAKINO

A teaching tool for learning about the strength and limitations of solar energy or electric energy generated by solar cells was developed. This was used in the class room. In the lesson, environmental problems and effective utilization of energy were also taught. The characteristics of this tool are as follows: (1)The angle of incidence of the solar cell to the sun can be adjusted according to the sun's height, (2)The solar cell is attached to a shaft that stands on an acrylic plate whether or not the solar cell is vertical with respect to the sun can be judged by the shadow condition of the shaft. (3)The teaching tool has a built-in voltmeter and ammeter for reading the voltage generated by the solar cell and the load current respectively. (4)A photometer is attached on the acrylic plate and therefore, students can learn the relation between luminous intensity and electric power generated by the solar cell, (5)The photometer is also used as the voltmeter. (6)Using a load connecting terminal, students can learn to measure variations of voltage and electric current against the various loads. (7)The teaching tool was designed to be compact and mobile so that experiments can be made both inside and outside. After various experiments were conducted with this teaching tool, it was determined that students effectively learned about the merits and limitations of generating electric energy using sunbeams.

Key words : solar cell, teaching tool, electricity domain, generation of electric energy, energy

by KG