JMSEC Volume 8 Number 2 - Table of Contents

Volume 8, Number 2

The print edition of Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation, and Control includes a 4-page summary of each of the following full length articles. Each summary lists a retrieval number for the full article; this number is noted before the title.


(54567) Uniform Exponential Stability of Approximations in Linear Viscoelasticity
Zhuangyi Liu, Songmu Zheng PDF PostScript

(57006) On an Inverse Dynamic Problem for Goursat-Darboux System
A.I. Korotkii, I.A. Tsepelev PDF PostScript

(30213) The Minimum Time Function with Unbounded Controls
F. Rampazzo, C. Sartori PDF PostScript

(82674) A Note on the Mathematical Modelling of Damped Second Order Systems
John A. Burns, Belinda B. King PDF PostScript

(74034) Ergodic Properties of Quotients of Horocycle Flows on the Poincaré Upper Half Plane
Dorothy I. Wallace PDF PostScript

(39653) Harmonic Forcing for Linear Distributed Parameter Systems
C. I. Byrnes, D. S. Gilliam, I. G. Laukó, V. I. Shubov PDF PostScript

(04714) A Partial Differential Equation Approach to Modeling Simple Extension in Elastomers
H. T. Banks, Nancy Lybeck PDF PostScript

(83666) A Universally Observable Flow on the Two-Dimensional Torus
Alisa DeStefano, G.R. Hall PDF PostScript

(43196) On Accurate Computation of a Class of Linear Functionals
Sven-Åke Gustafson, Antonio R. da Silva PDF PostScript

(56440) Sharp Trace Regularity for the Solutions of the Equations of Dynamic Elasticity
Mary Ann Horn PDF PostScript

(61926) Weak Attractor for Damped Abstract Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
Gabriella A. Pintér PDF PostScript

(69380) A Computational Study of the Representation Problem for Flow Control
Diana Rubio PDF PostScript

(69185) Local Controllability of a Nonlinear Shallow Spherical Shell
M.E. Bradley PDF PostScript

(45123) Muscular Mechanics and Dynamics of Ocular Motion
Clyde F. Martin, Lawrence Schovanec PDF PostScript

(53420) Spectral Element Approximations and Infinite Domains
Kelly Black PDF PostScript

(53942) Observability On Noncompact Symmetric Spaces
Joseph A. Wolf PDF PostScript

(18396) A Control Theoretic Model of the Muscular Actions in Human Head-Eye Coordination
Magnus Egerstedt, Clyde F. Martin PDF PostScript

(42486) Hysteresis Modeling in Magnetostrictive Materials via Preisach Operators
R. C. Smith PDF PostScript

(55578) Numerical Stationary Solutions for a Viscous Burgers' Equation
J. Burns, A. Balogh, D.S. Gilliam, V.I. Shubov PDF PostScript

(59270) A Time Domain Formulation for Identification in Electromagnetic Dispersion
H.T. Banks, M.W. Buksas, Yun Wang PDF PostScript