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Volume XXIII, Number 1, Winter/Spring 1997

Inside Cover [55K]

Table of Contents [54K]

Table of Contents

Guest Editarticle
Technological Literacy: Concepts And Constructs
Edgar W. Jenkins [60K]

Perfecting The Profession
Jerry Streichler, Editor [45K]

Computer Simulation In The Workplace And Technology Classes
Matthew P. Stephens [102K]
Cognitive Styles and Technology-Based Education
John W. Hansen [101K]
From Industrial Arts to Technology Education: The Search for Direction
Dennis R. Herschbach [82K]
Faculty Perceptions of Selection Criteria for Department Leaders
William D. Paige [65K]

Special Section
An Organizational Change Process-Part 2: The Mississippi Valley Industrial Teacher Education Conference's (MVITEC) Structured Approach
Thomas L. Erekson, M. James Bensen, Donald F. Smith, Michael K. Daugherty [120K]
Three-Minute Philosophers Offer Perspectives on the MVITEC Vision and Mission Statements
John C. Dugger, Frederick P. Ruda, Jane Liedtke, Gerald Jennings, Paul E. Post [64K]
By Way of Summing Up
G. Eugene Martin, David C. Bjorkquist, Thomas L. Erekson [87K]
Ideas [111K]

Introducing the Taguchi System in a Laboratory Course
by Vedaraman Sriraman

Preparing Industrial Technology Students for the Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act
by Kenneth W. Stier

Tech Prep and Enrollment of African American Males
by Francois D. Song

Book Reviews
Technology Education in the Classroom: Understanding the Designed World
Randall T. MacPherson and Patrick N. Foster [57K]

Paul T. Hiser Publication Award [47K]

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