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Volume XXV, Number 1, Winter/Spring 1999

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Table of Contents

Guest Editarticle

Demographic and Economic Trends: Implications for Education and Industry [2000K]

Special Section

Technology Education in Prospect: Perceptions, Change, and the Survival of the Profession
M. Ray Karnes [194K]


The Professional Development of Community College Applied Science and Technology Faculty
John Van Ast and Ellen Mullen [115K]

An Overview of Performance Technology
Douglas R. Hotek and Michael R. White [692K]

College Students' Attitudes Toward Oral Lectures and Integrated Media Presentations
William L. Havice [105K]

Technology Education in the Americna Elementary School
Michael D. Wright [131K]

IDEAS [661K]

Implementing a Dual System of Technology Education in Egypt
Mohamed N. Abou-Zeid, Rudolf K. E. Bode, and Ali Sayed

Does the Recent Literature in Technology Education Reveal the Profession's Direction?
Jane A. Liedtke

Extending the University's Reach with Technology
Kurt H. Becker

Creative Problem Solving: A Unique Aspect of Technology
Andrew E. Schultz

Technology: The Heartbeat of Education
William D. Paige

A Learning Styles Instrument to Enhance Learning in Technology
Larry D. Kuskie and Marlene M. Kuskie

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