JOTS v32n1 - Table of Contents

Volume XXXII, Number 1, Winter 2006

Table of Contents

Guest Editor
Technology within Society
Franz A. Foltz

Reactors,Weapons, X-Rays, and Solar Panels: Using SCOT, Technological Frame, Epistemic Culture, and Actor Network Theory to Investigate Technology
Benjamin K. Sovacool
Conceptions of the Social that Stand Behind Artificial Intelligence Decision Making
John Monberg
Automation and Accountability in Decision Support System Interface Design
Mary L. Cummings
Technology-enabled Crime, Policing and Security
Sam McQuade
I Would Have Had More Success If...: The Reflections and Tribulations of a First-Time Online Instructor
Chien Yu and Teri Brandenburg
Clicking Toward Development: Understanding the Role of ICTs for Civil Society
Evan S. Michelson

Books Briefly Noted

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