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Volume XXXVII, Number 1, Spring 2011

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Editorial Board PDF [79 KB]

A Case Study in CAD Design Automation
Andrew G. Lowe and Nathan W. Hartman PDF [240 KB] HTML [37 KB]
Student Reflective Perceptions of High School Educational Cell Phone Technology Usage
M. Beth Humble-Thaden PDF [276 KB] HTML [40 KB]
The Relationship Between the Time Spent Studying Subject Knowledge and the Attitude of Trainee Teachers to the Subject(s) They Will Teach
Stephanie Atkinson PDF [263 KB] HTML [71 KB]
A Focus on Technological Literacy in Higher Education
John M. Ritz PDF [265 KB] HTML [47 KB]
Mentoring Teachers in Technology Education: Analyzing the Need
Luke J. Steinke and Alvin R. Putnam PDF [204 KB] HTML [45 KB]
Discovering New Zealand Technology Teacher’s PCK
P. John Williams and Mishack Gumbo PDF [429 KB] HTML [54 KB]

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