Use of a Survey as an Educational Tool for Recordkeeping

Volume 6


Journal of Pesticide Safety Education, 2004, Volume 6, Pages 1-14.

Use of a Survey as an Educational Tool for Recordkeeping

Carol A. Ramsay, Pesticide Education Specialist, WSU Extension, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA
Carrie R. Foss, Community IPM Coordinator, WSU Extension, Washington State University, Puyallup, Washington, USA

Washington State University conducted training sessions emphasizing pesticide applicator recordkeeping at fourteen different locations in 2002. The purpose was to measure knowledge of recordkeeping requirements before and after the training programs. The training included a self-reporting survey on recordkeeping, a fact sheet, a short presentation, and a post-training survey six months later. The survey measured applicator demographics, specific records kept, and measurement methodology. The pre- and post-training survey data were compared to assess the success of the educational emphasis. The findings show that most applicators had prior knowledge of state recordkeeping requirements, which exceed those required by the United States Department of Agriculture for private applicators. The survey also indicated an overall increase in recordkeeping knowledge after training. On those facets of recordkeeping that were less well known (specifically, use of weather measurement instrumentation and in-field placement of these tools), applicators would benefit from further education. In-class responses and discussion indicated the survey was a useful tool and an enjoyable way to discuss this material.

Keywords: pesticide, safety, education, recordkeeping, survey, tools