Journal of Research in Music Performance

Journal authors are able to re-use their Contribution in certain circumstances without requiring permission.

If readers wish to re-use an Open Access Contribution published under a Creative Commons License, please read below for more information.

Re-use of Open Access Content

All licenses require that re-use complies with the following terms:

Full attribution must accompany any re-use and include the following information about the original work:

  • Author(s)
  • Article Title
  • Journal
  • Volume (if applicable)
  • Issue (if applicable)
  • Page numbers (if applicable)
  • Date of publication
  • JRMP as the original publisher
  • A link to the original article as published on JRMPJournals (as archived here)

Creative Commons license terms for re-use do not apply to any content (such as graphs, figures, photos, excerpts, etc.) not original to the Open Access article and further permission may be required from the rights holder. The obligation to research and clear permission lies solely with the party re-using the material. Re-use of a work must not imply or otherwise suggest sponsorship or endorsement by JRMP, the author(s), journal, society or other third party. Creative Commons licenses do not negate the moral rights of authors, including but not limited to the right to attribution and the right that a work not be subjected to derogatory treatment that threatens the honour or reputation of the author(s).

CC-BY-NC-ND (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives) allows a work to be copied, displayed, distributed, republished or otherwise re-used provided the re-use is not an adaptation or derivative and the integrity of the original work is maintained. Additionally, this license does not allow for commercial use of the work. Commercial use means use of the content by a commercial organisation or individual for direct (including through sale, loan or license) or indirect (including through marketing campaigns, promotional materials or presentations) commercial gain or remuneration.