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Volume 14, Number 2
Spring 2003

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From the Editor

Affect, Terminology, and a Bit of Tongue-in-Cheek (120k)
by James LaPorte


Effects of Take-Home Tests and Study Questions on Retention Learning in Technology Education (143k)
by W. J. Haynie, III

Use and Documentation of Electronic Information: A Survey of Eastern Regional Technology Education Collegiate Association Students (265k)
by Hassan Ndahi

Basic Principles in Holistic Technology Education (125k)
by Kurt Seemann

School Graduation Project in Robot Design: A Case Study of Team Learning Experiences and Outcomes (229k)
by Igor M. Verner and Eyal Hershko

Partnership-Centered Learning: The Case for Pedagogic Balance in Technology Education. (146k)
by Brad Walmsley

Book Review

Human Rights and Politically Incorrect Thinking versus Technically Speaking (123k)
by Stephen Petrina

Miscellany (136k)

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