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Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

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Volume 15, Number 1
Fall 2003

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From the Editor

Form, Function, Faucets, and Design (148k)
by James E. LaPorte


WebCT as an E-Learning Tool: A Study of Technology Students' Perceptions (172k)
by Lesta A. Burgess

Gender Issues in Technology Education: A Quasi-Ethnographic Interview Approach (216k)
by W. J. Haynie, III

An Analysis of the Technology Education Curriculum of Six Countries (216k)
by Aki Rasinen

Hong Kong Pupils' Attitudes Toward Technology: The Impact of Design and Technology Programs (208k)
by Ken Volk, Wai Ming Yip, and Ting Kau Lo


The Educational Technology is Technology Education Manifesto (224k)
by Stephen Petrina

Miscellany (136k)

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