JTE v1n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 1, Number 2
Spring 1990

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From the Editor (13K)


Preparing Students for Living in a Technological Society:
A Problem Solving Approach to Teaching
by James R. Braukmann and Melvin J. Pedras

The Role of Teamwork in Technology Education:
Observations From an Action Research Program
by Howard G. Denton

Do Hands-On, Technology-Based Activities Enhance Learning by Reinforcing Cognitive Knowledge and Retention? (18K)
by Anthony R. Korwin and Ronald E. Jones

Writing for Technology Education Publications (15K)
by Len Litowitz

The Relationship of Technology To Science and the Teaching of Technology (28K)
by Rustum Roy

Personal and Professional Needs of Technology Teachers (20K)
by Jule Dee Scarborough

Tubal Cain and All That (9K)
by Peter Wilkinson

Book Review

The Media Lab (7K)
reviewed by Joseph McCade

High-Tech Society: The Story of the Information Technology Revolution (6K)
reviewed by Mark Snyder


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