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Journal of Technology Education

Current Editor: Chris Merrill,
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

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Volume 20, Number 1
Fall 2008

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From the Editor

You Can’t Get Here from There [PDF 65 KB]
by James E. LaPorte

The Roots of Technical Learning and Thinking: Situating TLT in Schools [PDF 142 KB]
by Ron Hansen
Quality and Characteristics of Recent Research in Technology Education [PDF 227 KB]
by Scott D. Johnson and Jenny Daugherty
The Effects of 3-Dimensional CADD Modeling on the Development of the Spatial Ability of Technology Education Students [PDF 309 KB]
by K. Lynn Basham and Joe W. Kotrlik
Delivering Core Engineering Concepts to Secondary Level Students [PDF 204 KB]
by Chris Merrill, Rodney L. Custer, Jenny Daugherty, Martin Westrick, and Yong Zeng
Software Piracy among Technology Education Students: Investigating Property Rights in a Culture of Innovation [PDF 160 KB]
by George Teston
Have We Made Progress? Stakeholder Perceptions of Technology Education in Public Secondary Education in the United States [PDF 365 KB]
by Michael D. Wright, Barton A. Washer, Larae Watkins, and Donald G. Scott

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