JTE v23n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 23, Number 1
Fall 2011

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Table of Contents

From the Field — An Invited Article

Teaching Engineering Concepts in High School Project
Rodney L. Custer and Jenny L. Daugherty PDF [218 KB] HTML [12 KB]


The GRID C Project: Developing Students’ Thinking Skills in a Data-Rich Environment
V. William DeLuca and Nasim Lari PDF [350 KB] HTML [43 KB]

Analysis of Engineering Content within Technology Education Programs
Todd D. Fantz and Petros J. Katsioloudis PDF [287 KB] HTML [70 KB]

Are We Missing Opportunities to Encourage Interest in STEM Fields?
Cathy Hall, Jeremy Dickerson, David Batts, Paul Kauffmann, and Michael Bosse PDF [328 KB] HTML [83 KB]

Experts vs. Novices: Differences in How Mental Representations are Used in Engineering Design
Raymond A. Dixon and Scott D. Johnson PDF [402 KB] HTML [44 KB]

Miscellany PDF [205 KB] HTML [8 KB]

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