JTE v23n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 23, Number 2
Spring 2012

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Table of Contents


Engineering Education, Technology Education: Does it Matter? Are We Pursuing the Same Goals?
Chris Merrill, Journal of Technology Education Editor
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Future Critical Issues and Problems Facing Technology and Engineering Education in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Petros Katsioloudis and Johnny J. Moye PDF [301 KB] HTML [58 KB]

Research Needs for Technology Education: A U.S. Perspective
Gene Martin and John Ritz PDF [281 KB] HTML [59 KB]

Standards for Technological Literacy and STEM Education Delivery Through Career and Technical Education Programs
Paul A. Asunda PDF [332 KB] HTML [66 KB]

A Comparative Analysis of Preferred Learning and Teaching Styles for Engineering, Industrial, and Technology Education Students and Faculty
Petros Katsioloudis and Todd D. Fantz PDF [327 KB] HTML [31 KB]

Book Review

You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto
Bertrand Schneider PDF [190 KB] HTML [10 KB]

Miscellany PDF [193 KB] HTML [10 KB]

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