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Volume 27, Number 2
Spring 2016

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Table of Contents

Efficacy of the Technological/Engineering Design Approach: Imposed Cognitive Demands Within Design-Based Biotechnology Instruction
John G. Wells PDF [679 KB] HTML [73 KB]
Positioning Technology and Engineering Education as a Key Force in STEM Education
Greg Strimel & Michael E. Grubbs PDF [656 KB] HTML [65 KB]]
Problem Decomposition and Recomposition in Engineering Design: a Comparison of Design Behavior Between Professional Engineers, Engineering Seniors, and Engineering Freshmen
Ting Song, Kurt Becker, John Gero, Scott DeBerard, Oenardi Lawanto & Edward Reeve PDF [737 KB] HTML [75 KB]
Identifying Indicators Related to Constructs for Engineering Design Outcome
Cheryl A. Wilhelmsen & Raymond A. Dixon PDF [749 KB] HTML [83 KB]
Characterizing Design Cognition of High School Students: Initial Analyses Comparing those With and Without Pre-Engineering Experiences
John Wells, Matthew Lammi, John Gero, Michael E. Grubbs, Marie Paretti & Christopher Williams PDF [1.1 MB] HTML [49 KB]


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