Journal of Technology Education

Journal of Technology Education

Current Editor: Chris Merrill,
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

As an open access journal, the JTE does not charge fees for authors to publish or readers to access.

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Volume 2, Number 1
Fall 1990

                            Scope of the JTE
     The  JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION provides a forum for scholarly
discussion on topics relating  to  technology  education.    Manuscripts
should  focus  on  technology education philosophy, theory, or practice.
In addition, the JOURNAL publishes book reviews, editorials, guest arti-
cles, comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to previously pub-
lished articles.
                           Editorial Process
     All manuscripts undergo a rigorous  review  process.    Manuscripts
that  appear  in the ARTICLES section have been subjected to a blind re-
view by three or more members of the editorial board.  This process gen-
erally takes from four to six weeks, at which time authors are  promptly
notified of the status of their manuscript.
                    Manuscript Submission Guidelines
1.  Five  copies  of  each  manuscript  should  be  submitted to:   Mark
    Sanders, JTE Editor, 144 Smyth Hall, Virginia Tech,  Blacksburg,  VA
    24061-0432  (703)231-6480.
2.  All  manuscripts  must  be double-spaced and must adhere strictly to
    the guidelines published in PUBLICATION GUIDELINES OF  THE  AMERICAN
3.  Manuscripts  that  are  accepted for publication must be resubmitted
    (following any necessary revisions) both in hard copy  and  on  a  3
    1/2"  or  5  1/4"  floppy  disk (either MS-DOS or Macintosh format).
    Moreover, the disk version must be in both the native word processor
    format (such as WordPerfect or MS Word) and in ASCII format.
4.  Manuscripts for articles should generally be 15-20 pages in  length.
    Book reviews, editorials, and reactions should be three to five man-
    uscript pages.
5.  Tables should be used only when data cannot be incorporated into the
    body of the text.
6.  All figures and artwork must be submitted in camera-ready form.
                        Subscription Information
     The  JOURNAL  OF TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION will be published twice annu-
ally (Fall and Spring issues).  Interested subscribers should  copy  and
mail the form below:
Mailing Address______________________________
     Regular (North America):  $8
     Regular (Overseas):  $12
     Library:  $15
Return check and this form to:
     Mark Sanders, JTE Editor
     144 Smyth Hall
     Virginia Tech
     Blacksburg, VA  24061-0432
                           JTE Co-sponsors

     The International Technology Education Association (ITEA) is a non-profit
education association concerned with advancing technological literacy.  The 
Association functions at many levels - from international to local - in 
responding to member concerns.  The Council on Technology Teacher Education 
(CTTE), affiliated with the ITEA, is concerned primarily with technology 
teacher education issues and activities.  For more information on either 
association, contact: ITEA, 1914 Association Drive, Reston VA  22091 (703) 860-2100.


      The illustration below was inadvertantly left off page 41 of Volume 1, 
2 of the JTE.

Figure 2.  Manuscript review process.

          Permission is given to copy any
          article or graphic provided credit is given and
          the copies are not intended for sale.
Journal of Technology Education   Volume 2, Number 1       Fall 1990