JTE v31n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 31, Number 1
Fall 2019

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Table of Contents


The Demise of Traditional Technology and Engineering Education Teacher Preparation Programs and a New Direction for the Profession
Kenneth Volk
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Evidencing STEM Content Knowledge Transfer: Abstraction in Technological/Engineering Design Challenges
Fred J. Figliano & John G. Wells
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STEM Leader Excellence: A Modified Delphi Study of Critical Skills, Competencies, and Qualities
Mary Annette Rose, Rachel Louise Geesa, & Krista Stith
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Book Reviews

The Leader’s Guide to Emotional Agility: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results
M. Kathleen Ferguson
PDF [266 KB]

Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development
Lauren Lapinski
PDF [258 KB]

Creative Coding: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Computer Science Across the 6-8 Curriculum
Jorge Valenzuela
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