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Journal of Technology Education

Current Editor: Chris Merrill,
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

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Volume 3, Number 2
Spring 1992

              From the editor
                            About a year and a half ago, Tom Erekson approached me
                        with the idea for a "special issue" of the JTE that might
                        explore curriculum theory and application in technology ed-
                        ucation. The idea sounded like a good one, and the JTE
                        Editorial Board approved the proposal in Spring of 1991. The
                        result is this special issue of the Journal of Technology
                        Education with all articles relating to one theme:
                        "Curriculum Change in Technology Education: Differing
                        Theoretical Perspectives." I believe this issue of the JTE
                        provides the most comprehensive discussion of technology
                        education curriculum assembled to date in a single
                            These articles should be of interest to every
                        professional in the field. Others seeking a better
                        understanding of technology education will also find this
                        issue of the JTE worthwhile.
                            I'd like to thank Tom Erekson for his early
                        organizational efforts, each of the authors for meeting
                        rigorous deadlines, and Dennis Herschbach for his assistance
                        as publication deadlines drew near. In addition, I offer a
                        special note of thanks to the reviewers who diligently
                        reviewed all of the manuscripts as a group... a
                        time-consuming, but necessary task.
                            This issue of the JTE is "special" for another reason as
                        well; it is available electronically. Anyone in the world
                        who has access to either Bitnet or Internet will now be able
                        to download the Journal of Technology Education. Free access
                        to the JTE ensures the potential for a vast new audience of
                        readers worldwide! This pioneering effort puts the JTE among
                        a very select group of professional journals to be
                        distributed electronically (Strangelove and Kovacs [1991]
                        identified only 7 peer-reviewed electronic journals). Given
                        our field's mission to educate broadly about our
                        technological world, it seems most fitting for us to be
                        among the first to "go electronic" with our distribution.
                        Refer to the Miscellany section at the end of the JTE for
                        details on electronic access.
                        Strangelove, M. & Kovacs, D. (1991). Directory of
                            electronic journals, newsletters and academic discussion
                            lists. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries.

              Journal of Technology Education   Volume 3, Number 2       Spring 1992