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Journal of Technology Education

Current Editor: Chris Merrill,
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

As an open access journal, the JTE does not charge fees for authors to publish or readers to access.

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Volume 4, Number 1
Fall 1992


                         Scope of the JTE
                             The Journal of Technology Education provides a forum
                         for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology
                         education. Manuscripts should focus on technology education
                         research, philosophy, theory, or practice. In addition, the
                         Journal publishes book reviews, editorials, guest articles,
                         comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to
                         previously published articles.
                         Editorial/Review Process
                             Manuscripts that appear in the Articles section have
                         been subjected to a blind review by three or more members of
                         the editorial board. This process generally takes from six
                         to eight weeks, at which time authors are promptly notified
                         of the status of their manuscript. Book reviews, editorials,
                         and reactions are reviewed "in house" which generally takes
                         about two weeks.
                         Manuscript Submission Guidelines
                         1. Five copies of each manuscript should be submitted to:
                         Mark Sanders, JTE Editor, 144 Smyth Hall, Virginia Tech,
                         Blacksburg, VA 24061-0432 (703)231-8173. Bitnet: msanders @
                         vtvm1. Internet: msanders @
                         2. All manuscripts must be double-spaced and must adhere
                         strictly to the guidelines published in Publication
                         Guidelines of the American Psychological Association (3rd
                         3. Manuscripts that are accepted for publication must be
                         resubmitted (following any necessary revisions) both in hard
                         copy and on a 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" floppy disk (either MS-DOS or
                         Macintosh format). Moreover, the disk version must be in
                         both the native word processor format (such as WordPerfect
                         or MS Word) and in ASCII format.
                         4. Manuscripts for articles should generally be 15-20 pages
                         in length (25 pages is an absolute maximum). Book reviews,
                         editorials, and reactions should be three to six manuscript
                         5. Tables should be used only when data cannot be
                         incorporated into the body of the text.
                         6. All figures and artwork must be submitted in camera-ready
                         Subscription Information
                             The Journal of Technology Education will be published twice
                         annually (Fall and Spring issues). New subscribers should
                         copy and mail the form below:
                         Name __________________________________________________
                         Mailing Address _______________________________________
                         Make checks payable to: Journal of Technology Education.
                         Regular (USA): $8
                         Regular (Canada/Overseas): $12
                         Library (USA): $15
                         Library (Canada/Overseas): $18
                         Return check and this form to:
                                 Mark Sanders, JTE Editor
                                 144 Smyth Hall
                                 Virginia Tech
                                 Blacksburg, VA 24061-0432
                         JTE Co-sponsors
                             The International Technology Education Association (ITEA) is
                         a non-profit educational association concerned with
                         advancing technological literacy. The Association functions
                         at many levels from international to local in responding to
                         member concerns. The Council on Technology Teacher Education
                         (CTTE), affiliated with the ITEA, is concerned primarily
                         with technology teacher education issues and activities. For
                         more information on either association, contact: ITEA, 1914
                         Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091 (703)860-2100.
                         Electronic Access to the JTE
                              ALL issues of the Journal of Technology Education may
                         be accessed electronically by anyone who has bitnet or
                         internet access. There is no "subscription fee" for
                         electronic access.  Text is be available in ASCII format, and
                         graphics are included as separate postscript files.
                         You will need a postscript printer to output the postscript
                         graphics, but any printer will work for the ASCII text
                         To become an electronic subscriber of the JTE, send
                         the following e-mail message to LISTSERV @ VTVM1 (for
                         bitnet users) or to LISTSERV @ VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU (for
                         internet users): SUBSCRIBE JTE-L First Name Last Name.
                         To remove your name from the electronic subscription
                         list, send the following e-mail message to LISTSERV @
                         VTVM1: UNSUBSCRIBE JTE-L.  After becoming an electronic
                         subscriber, you may see what files (articles) are available
                         by sending the following e-mail message to LISTSERV @
                         VTVM1: INDEX JTE-L.
               	         To retrieve a file (article), send the following
                         e-mail message to LISTSERV @ VTVM1: GET File name File
                         To retrieve a Table of Contents for a particular issue
                         of the JTE, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV @ VTVM1 like
                         the following example: GET CONTENTS V3N2.  In this message,
                         V3 refers to Volume 3 and N2 refers to issue number 2.
                              If there are graphics files associated with the
                         document, they will be listed as FIGURE1 JTE-V3N2.  These
                         files are in PostScript.  DOS users who are connected to a
                         PostScript printer may download these to their PC and copy
                         each file to the printer: COPY FIGURE1.JTE LPT1.  Users
                         with various brands of UNIX workstations supporting display
                         PostScript should be able to view these online.  Macintosh
                         users should be able to download and print these files.
                              More information on LISTSERV commands can be found in
                         the "General Introduction Guide", which you can retrieve by
                         sending an "INFO GENINTRO" command to LISTSERV@VTVM1.
                              To access either the ASCII or Postscript version of
                         the JTE from the FTP site, enter the following:
                              "anonymous" when you are asked to identify yourself
                              your userid when a password is requested
                              cd /pub/JTE
                              cd ascii (for ascii files) OR cd postscript (for
                              postscript files)
                              cd v3n2 (or whichever volume/issue you want)
                              get editor.jte-v3n2 (or whatever filename you want)
                              when 'transfer complete' message is received, look in
                              your file list for the file you 'got.'
                         NOTE:  Adhere strictly to the upper and lower cases and
                         spaces noted above.  PostScript versions are available only
                         from the FTP site.  Also available by WAIS (search
                         directory of servers for the JTE).
                       Permission is given to copy any
                         article or graphic provided credit is given and
                         the copies are not intended for sale.
               Journal of Technology Education   Volume 4, Number 1       Fall 1992