Journal of Technology Education

Journal of Technology Education

Current Editor: Chris Merrill,
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010

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Volume 8, Number 2
Spring 1997

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From the Editor

Guest Article
Technology Education and the Search for Truth, Beauty and Love
by William S. Pretzer

Classifying Approaches to and Philosophies of Elementary-School Technology Education
by Patrick N. Foster
Expanding the Content Base of Technology Education: Technology Transfer as a Topic of Study
by Scott D. Johnson, Elizabeth Faye Gatz and Don Hicks
Critical Issues to Consider When Introducing Technology Education into the Curriculum of Young Learners
by Kay Stables

Going, Going, Gone? Recent Trends in Technology Teacher Education Programs
by Kenneth S. Volk
Curriculum Focus for Technology Education
by Robert C. Wicklein


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