JVER v25n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 25, Number 3

Table of Contents

Debra D. Bragg

Toward a More Unified Education: Academic and Vocational Integration in Illinois Community Colleges
Debra D. Bragg and William M. Reger IV

A Comparison of Selected Outcomes of Secondary Tech Prep Participants and Non-Participants in Texas
Carrie H. Brown

Revisiting Applied Academics: A Review of a Decade of Selected Literature
Donna E. Dare

High Schools That Work and Tech Prep: Improving Student Performance in Basic Skills
Jim Flowers

Counselor Involvement in Professional Development and Preparedness for Roles in Tech Prep
Paula A. Puckett and Debra D. Bragg

Book Essay: Kliebard, Herbert M. (1999). Schooled to Work: Vocationalism and the American Curriculum, 1876-1946
William M. Reger IV

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