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Volume 27, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Editor's Notes
Jay W. Rojewski

Attrition, Completion, and Graduation Rates in Georgia Technical Colleges, Before and After the Initiation of the HOPE Grant
Teresa Ann Resch and Helen C. Hall

The Curriculum Internationalizing Process in Banking and Finance School-to-Work Programs
Penny Jo Clark

The Role of Key Qualifications in the Transition from a Comparison Of Role/Task/Environment Stress Experienced by Beginning Academic and Career-Technical Teachers in Southwestern Ohio Career-Technical Schools
Timothy F. Kerlin

Instructional Technology Competencies Perceived as Needed by Vocational Teachers In Ohio And Taiwan
Chifang Lu and Larry E. Miller

Novice Teachers' Perceptions of Support, Teacher Preparation Quality, and Student Teaching Experience Related to Teacher Efficacy
Neil A. Knobloch and M. Susie Whittington

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