JVME v20n3 - Table of Contents

Fall 1993
Volume 20, Number 3

R. B. Talbot, DVM, PhD

Jane Talbot


Anonymous Grading Redux: Student Reaction to a Blinded Grading System
T. Caceci

Correlation of Objective and Subjective Admission Criteria with First-year Academic Performance
A. W. Confer, G. H. Turnwald, D. E. Wollenburg

Networking a College of Veterinary Medicine
J. C. Galland

Use of a Dog Abdominal Surrogate for Teaching Surgery
D. L. Holmberg, J. R. Cockshutt, and A. W. P. Basher

Ten Methods for Administrators to Promote Effective Teaching through Faculty Development
J. A. E. Hubbell, W. A. Hudson and W. W. Muir

Factors of an Academic/Industry Research Partnership
W. G. Huber

Ambulatory Dairy Herd Project-A Problem-based Learning Approach to Dairy Production Medicine
H. D. Levine, G. Saperstein, G. P. Looby and H. E. Hammerquist

A Principal Components Analysis of Factors Critical to Participation in Veterinary Lifelong Education Programs
D. J. O'Brien, J. W. Lloyd and J. B. Kaneene

Computer-assisted Interactive Radiology Courseware
B. A. Selcer

Further Exploration of the Relationship between Veterinary Medical Education and Moral Development
D. J. Self, D. C. Baldwin, Jr., F. D. Wolinsky and J. A. Shadduck

From Teaching to Learning: Part II. Traditional Teaching Methodology
G. H. Turnwald, K. S. Bull, and D. C. Seeler

Computer-based Instruction versus Instructor-based Instruction of Interpretive Clinical Pathology Case Analysis
H. Tvedten, G. Walter, J. Stickle, K. Henkel and C. Anderson

Macintosh Database for the 5th Edition
International Veterinary Pathology Slide Bank Videodisc

B. R. Weeks, S. M. Hall, and R. Smith III

Extended Matching Questions: An Alternative to Multiple-choice or Free-response Questions
Written by R. B. Wilson and S. M. Case

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