JVME v21n1: Book Review

Volume 21, Number 1 Spring, 1994

Book Review

The Health of Horses. D. Powell and S. Jackson, Eds., Longman Group UK Ltd, Distributed in U.S. and Canada by Iowa State University Press, Ames, IA 50014-8300. 1992, 301 pp.

This book, written by four veterinarians and four other scientists, covers the basic principles of management and husbandry of horses. Most of the authors are connected to the horse industry in Kentucky. The book is aptly characterized in the foreword by Mr. Michael Osborne of Kildangan Stud when he states "Sitting in my library surrounded by countless books on horses, I ask the question—If instant information in easy to read form is required, what book would I recommend? The Health of Horses is the answer." The layout is simple and practical. Prevention of disease is the central theme but the book also covers nutrition, pasture management, housing and other management aspects. Not only veterinarians but almost anyone associated with the equine industry should find this an essential reference work.