JVME v21n1: Book Review

Volume 21, Number 1 Spring, 1994

Book Review

Livestock Health and Welfare. R. Moss, Ed., Longman Group UK Ltd, Distributed in U.S. and Canada by Iowa State University Press, Ames, IA 50014-8300. 1992, 420 pp.

A clear aim of this book is to draw attention to the basic fact that disease is a principal cause of suffering in animals and that the veterinary profession plays an important role in animal welfare by controlling and preventing disease. The book covers a myriad of topics related to health and welfare of farm animals. Included are definitions, codes of practice, monitoring systems, behavioral aspects, and problems associated with feeding and housing. Also included is information on legislation in Great Britain and the European Community. The book ends with a chapter on the impact of biotechnology on animal welfare and health.