JVME v21n1: Book Review

Volume 21, Number 1 Spring, 1994

Book Review

An Atlas of Cerebellar Development in the Fetal Calf. Advances in Veterinary Medicine, No. 41. Terlecki, S. and Barnard, V.V. Paul Parey Scientific Publishers, Berlin. 1994, 48 pages, 79 figures. DM 67.

Part I of this atlas contains sequential photographs of the fetal cerebellum during gestation. The photographs were taken from calves at 12 chronological stages between 60 and 280 days of gestation at intervals of 5 to 20 days. They provide visual bases for assessing the normality or abnormality of the cerebellum plus an approximation of the age of a fetus of unknown history.

The title of the atlas is a misnomer because the second part of the work contains a description plus three drawings and seven photographs of cerebella from mature cows. The photographs show the shape and external lobular configuration viewed from various aspects. The internal structure is shown by longitudinal and transverse sections of the organ.

Richard B. Talbot, DVM, PhD.