JYSL v8n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 8, Number 3
Spring 1995

Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

Volume 8, Number 3

Spring 1995

From the Editors
Donald Kenney and Linda Wilson

Against All Odds: Creating Support for Serving Young Adults in Public Libraries
Patrick Jones

A Conversation with Will Hobbs
Edgar H. Thompson

Young Adulthood as a Cultural Concept: A Native American Perspective
Lotsee Patterson, Rhonda Harris Taylor, Debra Osborne Spindle

A History of Children's Book Publishing
Jean E. Karl

Focus on Research
Elizabeth McClure Rosen, Editor

A Research Agenda for YALSA
Keith Swigger

Focus on Technology
Patricia W. Pickard, Editor

Project Horizons: A Closer Look
Sherry Des Enfants

Constance A. Mellon, Editor

Taking Technology in Stride
Constance A. Mellon

Caroline Ward and Sara Miller, Editors

Bibliographically Speaking
Linda Ward-Callaghan, Editor

Emergent Literacy: A New Paradigm for Early Childhood Education
Evelyn Vanek

The Top of the News

Guidelines for Authors

The Journal of Youth Services in Libraries is the official publication of two divisions of the American Library Association: the Association for Library Service to Children and the Young Adult Library Services Association. The Journal serves as a vehicle for continuing education among librarians working with children and young adults, as a showcase for current practice in both specialties, and as a spotlight for significant activities and programs of both sponsoring divisions.

Manuscripts are welcomed from library practitioners, library educators, and others involved with literature, nonprint materials, programs, and library service devoted to young people.

Manuscript Submission and Publication

  • Submit only manuscripts that have not been submitted or accepted elsewhere.
  • Send four copies of the manuscript to Linda J. Wilson, Coeditor, Journal of Youth Services in Libraries, Dept. of Educational Studies, Radford University, P.O. Box 6959, 206C Russell Hall, Radford, VA 24142.
  • All manuscripts will be acknowledged by the editors and evaluated by at least two referees. This process normally takes 8-10 weeks to complete.
  • If a manuscript is accepted, editors will schedule publication based on the appropriateness to an individual issue and available space. High priority will be given to scheduling manuscripts in which content is timely.

Manuscript Preparation

  • Manuscripts should be 15-20 pages, submitted in double-spaced format (including illustrative materials, references, tables, notes, and bibliographies), and accompanied by a disk.
  • Files submitted to the editor should be on 3 1/2- or 5 1/4-inch MS-DOS disks in either WordPerfect or ASCII format. Label the disk appropriately on the outside, and provide a list of all file names on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Use a minimum amount of formatting in text files. Do not use right-justified margins, tabs, indents, or centering. Insert two hard returns between paragraphs. Footnotes should appear at the end of the article and should not be imbedded in the text. Detailed guidelines for preparing diskfiles can be obtained from the editor, along with the ALA Production Services Style Guide.
  • Tables should be placed on separate pages (not imbedded in the text) and saved as separate files. Notations should appear in text for proper table and figure placement.
  • Charts and graphs should be supplied as camera-ready copy. (A clean, crisp photocopy is acceptable.)
  • The manuscript must have a cover sheet indicating (a) the title of the article and (b) the full name, title, affiliation, phone number, and complete mailing address of the author(s).

Writing and Bibliographic Style

  • Write in a simple, correct, readable style.
  • Avoid jargon and sexist terminology.
  • Authors are responsible for accuracy in the manuscript, including all names and citations.
  • Manuscripts that are accepted will be edited for clarity, accuracy, and readability, consistent with publication style and journal audience.

Copyright and Rights of Publication

  • A manuscript published in the journal is subject to copyright by the American Library Association for the two sponsoring divisions of the journal.
  • In granting rights of publication to the Journal of Youth Services in Libraries, the author(s) guarantees that the manuscript has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.


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