JYSL v9n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 9, Number 1
Fall 1995

Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

Fall 1995


From the Editors: Donald Kenney and Linda Wilson

1995 Margaret A. Edwards Award Acceptance Speech

13 Stray Thoughts about Failure
Cynthia Voigt

Babies, Books, and the Boob Tube: Preparing Preschoolers to be School and Reading Ready and Willing

Helping Children Learn to Love Reading As Much as We Do
Betty Miles

Reading Aloud for Reading Readiness
Jim Trelease

Providing HIV-AIDS Information for Youth in Libraries: A Community Psychology and Social Learning Approach
W. Bernard Lukenbill

School Library Media Center Statistics: A Progress Report
JoAnn V. Rogers

Selecting Jewish Books for Children for General Library Collections
Susan F. March

Focus on Technology
Patricia W. Pickard, Editor

PUBYAC: Yacking it up on the Internet
Shannon L. VanHemert

Constance A. Mellon, Editor

The Enchantment of Lifelong Learning
Melodie Irwin

Caroline Ward and Sara Millers, Editors

Bibliographically Speaking: Linda Ward-Callaghan, Editor

American History Through Picture Story Books
Evelyn Vanek

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