JYSL v10n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 10, Number 2
Winter 1997

Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

Winter 1997

Volume 10, Number 2

Donald J. Kenney and Linda Wilson, Editors

From the Editors

1996 Margaret A. Edwards Acceptance Speech

Forever --A Personal Story
Judy Blume

Mind Food: Writing Science Fiction
Lois McMaster Bujold

Librarians as Advocates for Young Adults
Lisa C. Wemett

Speaking of Censorship: An Interview with Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Mark I. West

Smart Training, Smart Learning: The role of Cooperative Learning in Training for Youth Services
Carol A. Doll

The Information-Seeking Behavior of High School Honor Students: An Explanatory Study
Kathy Latrobe and W. Michael Havener

Focus on Research
Keith Swigger, Editor

The Frances Henne YALSA/VOYA Research Grant: Past, Present. and Future
Pat Feehan

Focus on Technology
Patricia W. Pickard, Editor

Surfing the INTERNET with BCK2SKOL: An Online Tutorial
Ellen Chamberlain

From the Front Lines
Susan Scheps, Editor

Connections: Building Coalitions to Serve Our Youngest Patrons
Barb White

Caroline Ward and Sara Miller, Editors

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