SPT v10n2: Table of Contents

Number 2
Winter 2006
Volume 10

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A book by Paul Durbin

Part 1. Philosophers of Technology Move Away from Philosophy of Science

Chapter 1. A Premature Attempt at Discourse Synthesis: Carl Mitcham in Thinking through Technology (1994)

Chapter 2. Philosophy of Science and Social Responsibility: Alex Michalos

Chapter 3. Philosophy of Technology as Risk Assessment of Technological Ventures: Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Chapter 4. A Marxist Critique of Capitalist Technoscience: Marx Wartofsky

Chapter 5. Mario Bunge and a Systematic Definition of Technology

Chapter 6. Joseph Margolis on Technological Society

Chapter 7. Joseph Agassi, Philosophy of Technology, and Mass Movements

Chapter 8. Edmund Byrne on Work

Part 2. The Field Refuses to Jell

Chapter 9. An Early Attempt to Turn Philosophy and Technology into Philosophy of Technology: Joseph Pitt

Chapter 10. Don Ihde and the Hermeneutics of Technological Perception

Chapter 11. A Non-Marxist Radical Critique: Langdon Winner

Chapter 12. A Neo-MarxistCritique: Andrew Feenberg

Chapter 13. SPT Goes International: Spain and Germany

Chapter 14. American Pragmatism and Technology: Larry Hickman

Chapter 15. Philosophy of Engineering

Chapter 16. Metaphysics and Technological Culture: Frederick Ferre versus Donald Verene

Chapter 17. The Last Hoorah for Philosophy and Technology: Paul Durbin

Part 3. Attempts to Establish an Academic Discipline

Chapter 18. Albert Borgmann and a Philosophy of Technology?

Chapter 19. Dutch Schools

Chapter 20. Ethics in Engineering and Computing Technology: Deborah Johnson

Chapter 21. Philosophy of Technology and Environmental Ethics: Andrew Light

Chapter 22. Philosophy of Biotechnology: Sheldon Krimsky

Chapter 23. Paul Thompson and Agricultural Technologies

Chapter 24. Philosophy and "Quotidian" Technologies such as Films: Hickman and Light

Chapter 25. Postmodernism and the Social Construction of Technology: Raphael Sassower and Stephen Cutcliffe

A Concluding Essay on Quadrants and Discourse Synthesis in the Philosophy of Technology