SPT v1n3n4: Table of Contents

Numbers 3-4
Spring 1996
Volume 1

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Editor:  Paul T. Durbin


Paul T. Durbin PDF [5 KB]

The Evaluative Relevance of Social Studies of Technology
Eduardo Aibar PDF [29 KB]

Sociological Studies and Philosophical Studies: Twenty Years of Controversy
Adelaida Ambrogi Alvarez PDF [72 KB]

Collingridge and the Control of Educational Computer Technology
Marvin J. Croy PDF [39 KB]

Techne and Politeia Revisited: Pragmatic Paths to Technological Revolution
Larry A. Hickman PDF [67 KB]

Engineering as Captive Discourse
Stephen Johnston, Alison Lee, and Helen McGregor PDF [37 KB]

Technological Fixes for Moral Dilemmas
Ted Lockhart PDF [40 KB]

Philosophical Methodology, Technologies, and the Transformation of Knowledge
Joseph C. Pitt PDF [54 KB]

Prenatal Genetic Tests: Misconceptions and Their Implications
M. Carmen Sanchez Monserrate PDF [49 KB]

Ecologies of Technological Metaphors and the Theme of Control
Dvora Yanov PDF [67 KB]

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Volume 1, Numbers 3-4, Spring 1996