SPT v1n3n4 - PREFACE

Numbers 3-4
Spring 1996
Volume 1


Paul T. Durbin, University of Delaware

This second installment of the Society for Philosophy and Technology's quarterly electronic journal completes volume one. That the first two installments were made up of double issues (1-2 and 3-4) is not an indication of future practice. The journal will be a quarterly, once the initial bugs are worked out.

And we do recognize that there were problems with issues 1-2, as will likely continue to be the case with issues 3-4. However, we hope this installment is better than the first and that future numbers will continue to improve.

For an introduction to the new electronic journal, see the double issue 1-2; the same goes for publishing guidelines.

The content of this double number, once again, comes from conferences of the society in this case, the seventh and eighth biennial international conferences, in Peniscola (Valencia), Spain, and at Hofstra University, respectively. The papers included here come from both conferences and are simply listed alphabetically by author, without reference to the set of proceedings of which they are a part.