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Number 1
Fall 1996
Volume 2

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Editor:  Paul T. Durbin


Paul T. Durbin HTML [1 KB]

Reflections on Architecture:Vernacular and Academic Modes in Architecture and Town Planning
Andoni Alonso, Inaki Arzoz, and Nicanor Ursua HTML [31 KB]

Critical Remarks on Rural Architecture and Town Planning in the Basque Country: The Case of Navarre, 1964-1994
Andoni Alonso, Inaki Arzoz, and Nicanor Ursua HTML [33 KB]

The Two-Tiered Ethics of Electronic Data Processing
Edmund Byrne HTML [49 KB]

Social Networks and the Urban Environment
Francisco Campos HTML [38 KB]

Lay Knowledge and Public Participation in Technological and Environmental Policy
Jose A. Lopez Cerezo and Marta Gonzalez Garcia HTML [60 KB]

A Dialogical Model of Persistent Patriarchalism
Ana Sanchez HTML [29 KB]

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