SPT v3n1: Table of Contents

Number 1
Fall 1997
Volume 3

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Guest Editor:  Pieter Tijmes, University of Twente


Preface: Dutch Chandeliers of Philosophy of Technology
Pieter Tijmes PDF [14 KB]

New Media and the Quality of Life
Philip Brey PDF [61 KB]

Technology, Normativity, and the Future: The Aristotelian Turn
Henk Procee PDF [31 KB]

Philosophical and Ethical Problems of Technicism and Genetic Engineering
Egbert Schuurman PDF [71 KB]

From Critique to Responsibility: The Ethical Turn in the Technology Debate
Tsjalling Swierstra PDF [20 KB]

Euthanasia Considered as Device Paradigm
Pieter Tijmes PDF [24 KB]

Cloning as a Test Case of Autonomous
A. C. van der Valk PDF [26 KB]