SPT v3n2: Table of Contents

Number 2
Winter 1997
Volume 3

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Editor:  Pieter Tijmes, University of Twente



Experiencing the World Through Interactive Learning Environments
Agustin A. Araya HTML [56 KB]

Is Human Identity an Artifact? How Some Conceptions of the Asian and Western Self Fare During Technological and Legal Development
Joanne Baldine HTML [30 KB]

Polly, Dolly, Megan, and Morag: A View From Edinburgh on Cloning and Genetic Engineering
Donald M. Bruce HTML [37 KB]

Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Postmodernism
Bernard den Ouden HTML [16 KB]

On Replicating Persons: Ethics and the Technology of Cloning
Frederick Ferrë HTML [42 KB]

Technological Enlightenment in Russia
Vitali Gorokhov HTML [28 KB]