SPT v4n1: Table of Contents

Number 1
Fall 1998
Volume 4

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Guest Editor:  Evandro Agazzi
Guest Editor:  Hans Lenk


Advances in the Philosophy of Technology: Proceedings of a Meeting of the International Academy of the Philosophy of Science, Karlsruhe, Germany, May 1997
Evandro Agazzi and Hans Lenk PDF [14 KB]

Advances in Philosophy of Technology? Comparative Perspectives
Paul T. Durbin PDF [55 KB]

A New Interpretation of Technological Progress
Vitali Gorokhov PDF [22 KB]

Philosophy of Modern Art and Philosophy of Technology
Kurt Hübner PDF [35 KB]

A Formal Theory of Technology?
Klaus Kornwachs PDF [75 KB]

The Technical Universe in an Ontological Perspective
Jean Ladriëre PDF [69 KB]

Advances in the Philosophy of Technology: New Structural Characteristics of Technologies
Hans Lenk PDF [31 KB]

Computer Technology and Evolution: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Life
Klaus Mainzer PDF [42 KB]

Technical Systems and Technical Progress: A Conceptual Framework
Miguel A. Quintanilla PDF [43 KB]