SPT v4n2 - Note From The Editor

Number 2
Winter 1998
Volume 4


This collection of papers--which continues the proceedings of the 1997 Karlsruhe, Germany, conference under the auspices of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science--focuses on relationships between science and technology. The set originally had nine papers, but one had been published previously. That paper was Joachim Schummer's "Challenging Standard Distinctions between Science and Technology: The Case of Preparative Chemistry." The full paper can be read by clicking on

Here is Professor Schummer's abstract:
Part I presents a quantitative-empirical outline of chemistry, especially preparative chemistry, concerning its dominant role in today s science, its dynamics, and its methods and aims. Emphasis is laid on the poietical character of chemistry for which a methodological model is derived. Part II discusses standard distinctions between science and technology, from Aristotle (whose theses are reconsidered in the light of modern sciences) to modern philosophy of technology. Against the background of results of Part I, it is argued that all these distinctions fail, because the underlying concepts of science are either outdated , onesided, or arbitrary . A deeper understanding of today s sciences requires, in particular, a philosophical investigation of chemistry.