SPT v5n2: Table of Contents

Number 2
Winter 2000
Volume 5

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Editor, Davis Baird db@sc.edu
Editorial Assistant, Sid Littlefield littleft@mailbox.sc.edu


Guest Introduction
Paul T. Durbin HTML [37 KB]

On the Social Organization of Space and the Design of Electronic Landscapes
Andy Crabtree & John A. Hughes, Jon O'Brien, Tom Rodden HTML [64 KB]

Cognitive Science and the Mechanistic Forces of Darkness, or Why the Computational Science of Mind Suffers the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
Eric Dietrich HTML [43 KB]

The Place of Engineering and the Engineering of Place
Gene Moriarty HTML [67 KB]

Portable Civilizations and Urban Assault Vehicles
Andrew Garnar HTML [28 KB]