SPT v6n3: Table of Contents

Number 3
Spring 2003
Volume 6

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Editor, Davis Baird db@sc.edu
Editorial Assistant, Sid Littlefield littleft@mailbox.sc.edu



The Nature of Technological Knowledge: Extending Empirically Informed Studies into What Engineers Know
Marc J. De Vries HTML [50 KB]

Screwdriver Philosophy: Searle's Analysis of Technical Functions
Peter Kroes HTML [41 KB]

Activist Philosophy of Technology and the Preservation of Biodiversity
Paul T. Durbin HTML [30 KB]

Too Far, Yet Not Far Enough: A Heideggerian Response To Héctor José Huyke's Technologies And The Devaluation Of What Is Near
Syed Mustafa Ali HTML [37 KB]

Technologies and the Devaluation of What is Near
Héctor José Huyke HTML [41 KB]

Patenting and Transgenic Organisms: A Philosophical Exploration
Keekok Lee HTML [48 KB]

Patenting and Transgenic Organisms: A Reply to Lee
Jim Wishloff HTML [17 KB]


Dr. Shannon Duval
Book Review Editor
Department of Philosophy
Mount Mary College
Milwaukee, WI

Material Hermeneutics
Peter-Paul Verbeek HTML [15 KB]

W(h)ither the State? in the Internet Age
A.E. White HTML [10 KB]

Mapping the Moral Landscape of Computer Mediated Technologies
James Sauer HTML [5 KB]

Future Perfect: Dealing with Imperfections in Decisions about Genetics
Leonardo D De Castro & Allan Layug HTML [8 KB]

The Descriptive and the Normative on Bioethics
Bryan Bennham HTML [9 KB]

Living in a Virtual World
Roderick Nicholls HTML [17 KB]