SPT v7n2: Table of Contents

Number 2
Winter 2003
Volume 7

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Against The Perennial: Small Steps Toward a Heraclitian Philosophy of Science
Joseph C. Pitt HTML [36 KB]

Was Foucault a Philosopher of Technology?
Jim Gerrie HTML [36 KB]

The Hidden Side of Visualization
Agustin A. Araya HTML [196 KB]

On Don Ihde's Bodies in Technology

Philosophy and Technology Session on Bodies in Technology
Melissa Clarke HTML [21 KB]

Active and Passive Bodies: Comments on Don Ihde's Bodies in Technology
Andrew Feenberg HTML [22 KB]

A Response to My Critics
Don Ihde HTML [23 KB]


Radio Gets What It Deserves
Øystein Hide HTML [10 KB]

Evading Nuclear Destruction: An Ambiguous "Understanding" of Utopia
Christine Honkavaara HTML [9 KB]

Virtually Philosophy
Dan O'Brien HTML [10 KB]