Virginia Tech Magazine

Volume 14, Number 3
Spring 1992


Dedication breeds runaway success

By Pam Rakes
Weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, strength aerobics, stretching, and running 70 miles a week. No, it's not Bo Jackson's cross-training schedule; it's Virginia Tech distance runner Heidi Allen's workout regimen, one that's pushed her to her best year ever. "I see a lot of runners who have a heck of a lot of talent, but aren't willing to do the work I do," Allen says.

Allen's hard work and determination are paying off for the Arnold, Md., native. She won the individual title in four cross-country meets this fall, including the Metro Conference Meet. It was Allen's second consecutive Metro Conference cross-country title. She also won the 5,000-meter run at the Bud Light Invitational, one of the top five indoor meets in the country. Then she helped lead the women's indoor track team to the Metro meet championship by winning the 3,000- and 5,000-meter runs.

However, Allen is not impressed by her number of first place finishes. "I find that I didn't always run my best in some of my winning races. I ran my best in some of the races I didn't win," says Allen, who thinks her best race of the season was a second-place finish at the Virginia State Meet. "I don't count winning by the number of races I win, but on how I competed."

Allen's dedication pays off in the classroom, as well. A biochemistry major who plans to attend veterinary school following graduation in May, Allen carries a 3.2 GPA. "She is a great student as well as an athlete," says head track coach Russ Whitenack.

Some of Allen's other top accomplishments include qualifying for the NCAA cross-country meet in 1991, and finishing second in the 5,000-meter and 3,000-meter steeplechase at the 1991 Metro Conference outdoor meet. She also won the 10,000-meter run in the 1991 Battleground Relays and the 5,000-meter run at the Tar Heel Four-Way Meet.

Allen says her most memorable races were when she won the Metro cross country title in 1990 and the regional meet in 1990 when she qualified for the NCAA meet.

Allen competed during the indoor track season to help prepare for the outdoor track season this spring, when she hopes to qualify for nationals. She worked this winter to get her time in the 5-K race below 16:50, and she did so at the Bud Light Invitational, hitting 16:48.2. That was a Virginia Tech record by 49 seconds. "She is one of the most focused athletes we have ever had here," Whitenack says. "Heidi is an extremely hard worker who has made herself into a great athlete."

Allen first became interested in running during her high school freshman physical education class when the teacher ordered a one-mile run. "I finished my mile and other people were still running. I was having a good time, so I ran another lap around the track," Allen says. Afterward, her teacher suggested she join the track team. She did and has been running ever since. As a senior in high school, Allen was county cross-country champion, regional champion, and was named all-state.

When it came time to choose a college, Allen bypassed the University of Maryland because of the veterinary school at Virginia Tech and the quality of the Hokie track program. She still has another year of eligibility due to shin splints that forced her to sit out her freshman year. But following next season, Allen is contemplating taking some time off from competitive running. "I think I may take a couple years off from racing and concentrate on finishing vet school," Allen says. "Then I'd like to get back to competing beyond college competition. I've never run the marathon, but I'd like to try."

Allen attributes some of her cross country success this season to the addition of new coaches Steve and Lori Taylor. "I think our two new coaches have been a really good asset to the team," she says. She acknowledges it was tough adjusting at first to the training methods of the new coaches, but she believes the extra work has helped the team's performance. "Some people may not like to spend the extra time training, but it makes the race more worthwhile," Allen says.

The senior's work ethic not only makes her better, but also help inspire her teammates to work harder. "Heidi is a great example for the entire team," comments Coach Whitenack. "She is a coach's dream."

Pam Rakes works as a student assistant in the Sports Information Director's office while finishing her master's in sports management.

Will Furrer: Not just a strong arm

by Richard Lovegrove

On Nov. 9 Virginia Tech quarterback Will Furrer came up gimpy from a banged-up knee just as he appeared to be rolling toward one of his best games ever. The injury forced him from the game and ended his regular season, leaving him just 95 yards short of becoming Virginia Tech's all-time career passer.

Despite what most would have considered a crushing disappointment, Furrer showed up at the post-game interview room carting along two young boys someone had asked him to show around. Although still uncertain about the condition of his knee, Furrer patiently answered reporters' sometimes repetitious questions. He seemed unconcerned that he might have lost any chance at the Tech passing yardage record. In between queries, Furrer kept up a banter with the boys.

The interview room scene showed why, although most Hokie fans will remember Furrer for his strong arm and intelligent field play, others will recall something more. Reminded of the incident, Furrer says "I'd much rather talk to a young kid [than reporters]. I think they'll remember those things for a long time. I don't say that out of vanity, I just remember it from my childhood."

During his time at Virginia Tech, Furrer mixed athletics, academics, community service, and the pressure of the limelight with uncommon aplomb. He regularly read books to local grade school students and frequently spoke on the importance of education and hard work, and on the danger of drugs. An English major with a 3.29 grade average, he was vice president of the university's chapter of the English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta; was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national leadership society; was inducted into the Order of the Gavel; and served on the Virginia Tech Athletic Student Advisory Committee.

Shortly after the regular season ended, Furrer was named a National Scholar-Athlete by the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame, and was awarded an $18,000 graduate fellowship. He also made the College Football Association Scholar-Athlete Team. Both awards recognized his academic success, as well as the fact that he set four school career marks: touchdown passes (43), completions (494), attempts (920), and most games with two or more TD passes (14). "I'm really shocked," Furrer said when he heard about the fellowship. "If I never do anything with football, this makes [college] worthwhile." Furrer also was one of seven finalists for the Golden Arm Award.

Furrer's college career was not quite over. He recovered from arthroscopic surgery on his knee in time to earn Most Valuable Player honors in the Blue-Gray Football Classic on Christmas Day. He threw a 44-yard touchdown in leading the Gray team to victory. He also played in the Senior Bowl, tossing the only touchdown of a game played on a field swamped by heavy rains.

Now Furrer hopes to turn pro, although he has not forgotten academics. He also hopes to go to graduate school during the off-season, especially since he has to use his fellowship within six years. "I haven't really considered things beyond that." he says.

Furrer was recently nominated to serve a 1993-95 term on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Virginia Tech Football - All Century Team

Please nominate as many players you feel should be honored on the Virginia Tech All Century Football Team. There is also space for write- in nominations. The players' names are divided into eras. Five All Era teams and one All Century Football Team will be selected this summer. The All Century Team will be selected from the members of the All Era teams.

Also, please write in your nominations for the All Century Fan Club and for the Greatest Football Season of All Time. Members of all these teams will be honored at the various half-times of games during the 1992 football season. Thank you for your participation in the Virginia Tech Football Centennial Celebration!

__ C. Hunter Carpenter,1899-1905, Back 
__ W.E. Anderson, 1892, Tackle 
__ Earl 'Big' Johnson, 1895, Left End 
__ Lewis Nig Ingles, 1895, RB 
__ Kit  DeCamps, '01, QB 
__ Bill Choice, '01, Guard 
__ C.P. 'Sally' Miles, 1897-'03, Tackle 
__ E. R. 'Hoss' Hodgson,'07-08, OG & K 
__ Willson, '01, OG 
__ Ware, '01, Right End 
__ Ramey, '01, Left End 
__ Henry Puss Red, '15-20, FB
__ Hank Crisp, '17, RB 
__ Aubrey  Gibbs, '11, C
__ W.R. Legge, '11-13, K 
__ Wop Sutton, '21, RB 
__ Rip Wallace, '21, QB & K
__ Tex  Tilson, '21, Tackle 
__ Dick  Esleeck, '24, HB 
__ Frank Peake, '26-28, RB 
__ Joe Moran, '25-26, C
__ Mac McEver, '26-29, HB 
__ Scotty  MacArthur, '26-28, QB 
__ H.V.'Bird' Hooper, '28-31, QB & K 
__ W. 'Red' Negri, '32-34, Line
__ George Smith, '34, Line
__ Herb Thomas, '39-40, RB
__ Al Casey, '32-33, RB
__ Al Seamon, '32-33, End 
__ Ben Judy, '41, DT  
__ Jack  Gallagher, '41, DE 
__ Irv  Chasen, '41, DE
__ J.'The Greek' Maskas, '42-46, DT 
__ Mason Blanchard, '42, RB 
__ Oren Hopkins, '46-49, TE
__ Ron Castro, '49, TE
__ Jae  Foltz, '42, RB  
__ Ralph Beard, '46, RB 
__ ______________________

__ M. 'Buzz' Nutter, '48-52, C 
__ Don Divers, '54-56, RB 
__ Dickie Beard, '51-55, RB 
__ Billy Kerfoot, '51-54, OG
__ Tom Petty, '51-54, TE 
__ Bob Luttrell, '51-54, End 
__ George Preas, '51-54, OT 
__ John Dean, '51-54, QB 
__ Leo Burke, '52-55, RB
__ Howie Wright, '51-54, RB 
__ Dave Ebert, '53-56, RB 
__ Bill Cranwell, '53-57, QB 
__ Jack Prater, '52-55, C 
__ Jim Locke, '52-55, Tackle 
__ B. Wolfenden, '53-56, RB 
__ Carroll Dale, '56-59, TE
__ Jimmy Lugar, '54-57, QB 
__ Corbin Bailey, '57-60, RB 
__ Bill Holsclaw, '58-61, QB 
__ Pat Henry, '57-60, RB 
__ Alger Pugh, '56-59, DB 
__ ________________________

__ Bob  Schweickert, '61-64, QB 
__ Sonny  Utz, '61-64, RB 
__ Dickie Cranwell, '61-63, K 
__ Jake Adams, '60-63, TE 
__ Newt  Green, '60-63, OG 
__ Mike  Cahill, '61-63, RB 
__ Lynn  Jones, '61-64, DL
__ Tom Walker, '61-63, WR 
__ Bobby Owens, '63-65, QB 
__ Tommy Groom, '64-66, RB 
__ Ken  Whitley, '63-65, LB 
__ Erick Johnson, '63-65, OT
__ Tommy Marvin,  RB 
__ Tom Francisco, '64-66, RB 
__ George Foussekis, '65-67, DE   
__ Frank Loria, '65-67, DB  
__ Ken Barefoot, '65-67, TE 
__ Gene Fisher, '65-67, End 
__ Dickie Longerbeam '65-67, RB 
__ Frank Beamer, '66-68, DB 
__ Jon Utin, '65-67, Kicker 
__ Terry Smoot, '67-69, RB 
__ Ron Davidson, '66-68, DB  
__ Waddey Harvey, '66, DT 
__ Larry Creekmore, '66-69, DT 
__ Al  Kincaid, '67-69, QB 
__ Mike  Widger, '66-68, LB 
__ Jack Simscak, '68-70, K 
__ Ken Edwards, '67-69, RB 
__ ________________________

__ Mike Burnop, '70-72, TE
__ Don Strock, '70-72, QB 
__ James Barber, '71-73, RB 
__ Ricky  Scales, '72-74, WR 
__ Bill Ellenbogen, '72-73, DT 
__ Tom Shirley, LB 
__ Phil Rogers,  '73-75, RB & QB 
__ Roscoe Coles, '74-77, RB 
__ Tom Beasley, '73, DT 
__ Bruce Arians, '72-74, QB 
__ Billy Hardee, '73-75, CB 
__ Rick Razzano, '74-77, LB 
__ Randy Vey, '72-74, C 
__ Larry Bearekman, '72-74, DL 
__ Wayne Latimer, '73-75, K 
__ Doug Thacker, '73-75, LB 
__ Gene Bunn, '76-78, CB & S 
__ Kenny  Lewis, '76-79, RB 
__ Steve Casey, '78-81, QB 
__ Mike Giacolone, '79-82, SE 
__ Gary Smith, '76-78, SS 
__ Sidney Snell, '78-80, WR 
__ Cyrus Lawrence, '79-82, TB 
__ Wally  Brown, '79-82, OL
__ Padro Phillips, '79-82, DT
__ ________________________

__ Mike Johnson, '80-83, LB
__ Ashley Lee, '80-83, LB 
__ Derek Carter, '81-83, CB 
__ Tony  Paige, '80-83, FB 
__ Billy Leeson, '80-83, OL 
__ Vince Johnson, '80-83, OL 
__ Bruce Smith, '81-84, DE 
__ Jesse Penn, '81-84, DE 
__ Mike Shaw, '80-83, TE 
__ Don Wade, '81-84, PK 
__ Maurice Williams, '83-86, TB 
__ Eddie Williams, '83-86 TB 
__ David Cox, '82-85, Punter 
__ Mark  Cox, '81-85, QB 
__ Chris  Kinzer, '85-88, PK 
__ Jon Jeffries, '87-91, RB-KR
__ Vaughn Hebron,  '89-92, RB 
__ Tony Kennedy, '89-92, RB 
__ Phil Bryant, '88-91, FB 
__ Erik Chapman, '85-87, QB 
__ Will Furrer, '88-91, QB 
__ Todd Greenwood, '82-85, QB 
__ Myron Richardson, '86-89, SE 
__ Nick Cullen, '87-90, SE 
__ Marcus Mickel, '88-91, WR 
__ Bo Campbell, '89-92, SE 
__ Greg Daniels, '88-91, TE 
__ Eugene Chung, '87-91, OT 
__ William Boatwright, '88-91, OG
__ Al Chamblee, '87-90, DE
__ Jimmy Whitten  DE 
__ Bryan Campbell, '88-91 DT 
__ Archie Hopkins, LB 
__ Damien Russell, '88-91, S 
__ Chris Baucia, '87-90, P 
__ Roger Brown, '86-89, CB 
__ Jock Jones, '86-89, LB 
__ Victor Jones, LB 
__ Roger Garland, '88-91, LB 
__ John Granby, '87-91, DB 
__ Jerome Preston, '89-92, DT 
__ ________________________

All Century Fan Club nominee(s):

Greatest Football Season of All Time: _____________________

Please return your All Century Team selections to: "All Century Team", Virginia Tech, 353 Jamerson Athletic Center, Blacksburg, Va., 24061-0502.

Virginia Tech Magazine Volume 14, Number 3 Spring 1992

Torrid start gives baseball coach Hartman 500th win

The Virginia Tech baseball team recorded one of its hottest starts ever this year, and all those early victories quickly pushed coach Chuck Hartman over the 500-win mark for his 14-year career in Blacksburg. By the end of the season, Hartman likely will join the elite 1,000-win club among collegiate baseball coaches. He had nearly 500 victories before joining the Hokies.

For the players, their 10-0-1 record in their first 11 games was the best start for a Virginia Tech baseball team since the 1912 club began 21-0. The Hokies were 16-2-1 as they approached the start of their Metro Conference schedule in late March. The 17th game of the season, a 10-1 thrashing of Western Carolina, gave Hartman his 500th win.

Improved pitching was one of the keys to the Hokies' hot start. Junior Brad Clontz started 6-0 after finishing 5-5 last year, and Robby Douglas, who was 1-1 with a 7.64 ERA last year, began the season 4-0 with a 2.59 ERA. Road performance, a major problem for Virginia Tech last year, also helped. The Hokies were 5-13 on opponents' fields and 2-8 at neutral sites last year. By late March this year, they were 6-0 in away games and 3-2 at neutral sites.

Tech's regular season was scheduled to end May 10, with the Metro Conference Tournament starting May 13.

1992 Baseball Scoreboard
Feb. 28   VT  11  UNC Wilmington     6
Feb. 29   VT  14  UNC Greensboro     3
Mar. 1    VT  12  UNC Greensboro     6
Mar. 2    VT  16  VMI                5
Mar. 3    VT  14  Western Carolina   2
Mar. 5    VT  8   Howard             2
Mar. 7    VT  20  Howard             4
Mar. 8    VT  12  Detroit Mercy      4
Mar. 9    VT  10  Georgia Southern   7
Mar. 12   VT  9   Georgia Southern   6
Mar. 13   VT  7   UNC Greensboro     10
Mar. 14   VT  12  UNC Greensboro     3  
Mar. 17   VT  10  Western Carolina   1
Mar. 20   VT  5   Kent               3
Mar. 25   VT  9   William & Mary     3
Mar. 28   VT  18  Tulane             10
Mar. 29   VT  15  Tulane             9
Apr. 1    VT  8   Appalachian State  4
Apr. 3    VT  11  VCU                12
Apr. 7    VT  1   George Mason       10
Apr. 8    VT  3   Virginia           4