Virginia Tech Magazine

Volume 15, Number 3
Spring 1993


Research expenditures make the grade
Virginia Tech was still in the top 50 among all universities and colleges in the nation in research expenditures last year, according to the National Science Foundation annual report. Total research and development expenditures climbed almost $4 million in 1991. However, the university dropped from 42nd to 44th in the nation, despite increasing from 26th to 19th in private-industry funding and remaining 67th in federal funding. The only other Virginia universities in the top 100 are the University of Virginia, 59th, and Virginia Commonwealth University, 94th.

Business college highly ranked
The R.B. Pamplin College of Business was 28th out of a field of 285 in the Review of Business and Economic Research's top 50 business schools in the nation. It was the only Virginia school to make the list.

Simulated sunlight
The College of Architecture and Urban Studies operates one of the largest "artificial skies" (a geodesic dome that simulates the light from the sky) in the western hemisphere.

CAT-scan for cats ... and cows ... and others
The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine will soon add a computer-assisted tomography (CAT-scan) unit to its teaching hospital. Purchased under the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia Equipment Trust program, this $750,000 machine will provide state-of-the-art imaging of an animal's internal body structures. Less than a half-dozen of the nation's 27 veterinary colleges have CAT-scan units.

Engineering receives Newby award
The College of Engineering received the Newby Award for continued support and participation in IAESTE, the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. This international exchange program, started in 1948 by James Newby, sends students to Europe to work in engineering settings. The only other university to receive this award was the University of Illinois. Industry is the typical recipient of this honor.

Virginia Tech Magazine Volume 15, Number 3 Spring 1993