Virginia Tech Magazine

Volume 17, Number 2
Winter 1995


6 Virginia Tech on the grow
The Virginia Tech you left will never be quite the same. As the university's facilities play catch up with campus operations, some of Virginia Tech's green areas will sprout new buildings. But some of the campus' open spaces will become wilder and forest-like.
10 Making connections
A course on the Holocaust--the first of a proposed Judaic Studies program--helps students examine the history of a culture, sometimes by putting them in the victims' shoes.
14 Exploring Suriname's medicine chest
Virginia Tech chemist David Kingston is leading a project to search for new medicines and to preserve the biodiversity of the South American rainforest.
16 How sweet it is at Hershey's
Led by Bill Christ '62, senior vice president, Virginia Tech alumni are doing well at America's major confectionery company. And they can eat all the chocolate they want.
21 Breaking the prison cycle
A Virginia Tech Extension agent helps women prisoners break the cycle of repeated arrests by setting up a course teaching skills to help them succeed on the outside.


Around the Drillfield 2
Letters 5
Philanthropy 20
Sports 22
Alumni Association 24
Research 25
Class Notes 26

Cover drawing shows the proposed reading room spanning the Mall from Newman Library to a future building dedicated to computer technology. Drawing done by Phil Esocoff, Florence Eichbaum Esocoff King Architects of Washington, D.C.

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