WILLA v12 - Poetry - Losing Your Leaves

Volume 12
Fall 2003

Losing Your Leaves

By Marcy Rayher

Looking out the window, I watch you shed your beautiful gown.
You're dressed in layers of colorful refinements but mostly gold,
Suitable to a beauty of your stature.  Like ladies of old, there is much to undress, 
Your lacy leaves strewn around on the ground. 

The season of rest is coming and you can strip down now,
Feeling light and free and unencumbered. A winter's night rest
Soon will be yours and you are ready and glad of it. 

Soon I'll see your nakedness, a silhouette of beauty -- slim curves,
Sturdy trunk, boasting bare beneath the canopied sky -- my tree. 

How beautiful you are! 

Reference Citation: Rayher, Marcy. (2003). "Losing Your Leaves." WILLA, Volume XII, p. 43.